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Highest concern in all places is “Safety”

- ISO & TIS compliant safety signsA simple safety sign can highly prevent costly workplace accidents by higher-clearly visible, draws attention and is easy to understand. To maximize the impact of safety signs, the International Standardization Organisation set out to create the ISO 7010 & TIS 125 norm. “All safety sign produced by us are ISO 7010 & TIS 125 Compliant Safety Sign”

- Available on durable materialsAll our ISO 7010 & TIS 125 safety sign produced by all high performance, high quality and optimum durability material. No matter what your places are; indoor, outdoor, high heat flux, chemical rinse/vapor, washdown facilities, oil and gas and off-shore environments, we have got every grade to serve you best e.g. Sticker label, Rigid plastic sheet, Corrugated plastic board, Aluminum Sheet and Stainless Sheet (Normal and Marine grade).

- Reflective and Photo luminous safety signsMoreover, in light out situation, we also have got a Reflective type which is visible while light spot and Photo luminous type which grows in the dark and remains shining at least 5 till 12 hours. Apart from that we also have got combination of Reflective and Luminous in single material.