We trust that everyone would like to have the best products and services while they have paid their money, so in Aires we are vehicle graphics production / vehicle wrap house that use only the very highest quality material in the market. Only 3M Scothcal film and HP Latex ink which we have chosen in every wraps. We have got many classes as you need from 1 year till 7 years (even in 1 year grade, we still choose HP Latex ink which has got at least 3 years durability in outdoor application). All vehicles wrapped by us, they will have the Official Warranty by 3M Thailand as per quality classes which you have chosen.

Either color fading or adhesive come off , we will replace with new graphics film in each piece of wraps with free of charge at all [caused from factory defected or inappropriate applying, according to terms and conditions of warranty scope].We provide 3M scothcal film Over-Laminate Film in all long-term wraps. We understand that not everyone need high quality class. Sometimes, events or road show promotion [for shorter term], we will match suitable series lamination film to your application type. – Apart from that, we have got Hi-Resolution Graphics Printing for vehicle wraps. It looks more beautiful than ordinary resolution wraps, lower white dot, feels smoothly. Have you ever seen more white dots or large pixel of ink while you get closer to the vehicle? Many reason to object this question, but has your car never been stopped? Is it right? When your car park for goods transfer, events and promotions, be struck on the traffic, etc. what your customers will see? We guarantee that the Hi-resolution absolutely be better!!! trust on Aires. Moreover, we have got rental vehicle graphics for road show activity. Our customer can choose any market models or tailor-made design that they need!!             

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Part NumberProduct FamilyProduct TypeDurability
Aires Vehicle Graphic Selection GuidePrinting FilmCar Wrap1-5 Years
HP Latex InkInkInk3-5 Years
3M Envision Print film 48CPrinting FilmCar Wrap5 Years Min (GreenGuard)
3M Scothcal IJ680Printing FilmCar Wrap5 Years
3M Scothcal IJ180CV3Printing FilmCar Wrap5 Years
3M Scothcal IJ8624Printing FilmCar Wrap5 Years
3M Scothcal IJ1220 V2Printing FilmCar Wrap2-3 Years
3M Scothcal IJ16Printing FilmCar Wrap1-2 Years
3M Scothcal IJ15Printing FilmCar Wrap
3M Scothcal 3650Lamination FilmSafety Sign5 Years
3M Scothcal 8518Lamination FilmSafety Sign5 Years
3M Scothcal 4156Lamination FilmCar Wrap2 Years
3M Scohtcal IJ 40-114Lamination FilmCar Wrap5 Years
3M Scothcal IJ 15-114Lamination FilmCar Wrap1-2 Years
3M Scothcal SC50Lamination FilmCar Wrap5 Years
3M Scothcal S632Solid Color FilmCar Wrap3 Years