3M Conspicuity Marking film3

According to the announcement of Department of Land Transport in article : Specification, color, dimension, amount and marking location for vehicle reflective marking tape in B.E. 2560. That regulated – For specified passenger bus and transportation truck must be attached reflective marking tape “White or Yellow on beside and Red or Yellow in rear”.

With 3M CONSPICUITY MARKING TAPE 983 which manufactured for all vehicle. It is composed with Special Prismatic Lens Technology Structure, self-adhesive, easy to apply, heat sealed all rims to prevent humid-dust-dirty leak through inside substrate, easy to be cleaned by ordinary car cleaning solutions. It is also passed UN regulation no. 104 and has got 7 years durability, nevertheless, its cost is not higher than any clones or any lower standard items, that make you to easy to legal your vehicles.

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Click to download Department of Land Transportation announcement